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Monday, 1st June 2020
Winding up QGL [trog- 09:41am] From: QGL News [ 29 Comments ]
Around two decades ago, the Queensland Gamers' League was formed to give people in Brisbane and the surrounding areas a way to get together and play multiplayer video games.

It formed from a bunch of people who were playing games together in small LANs and were having a lot of fun doing it, and figured it could only be more fun if there were more people.

Within a couple of years, over 500 people were getting together in the indoor event space at ANZ Stadium, playing games (in some cases non-stop) for an entire weekend. While some of the more serious competitive players won a share in thousands of dollars in prizes, the vast majority of players were there for one real reason: to just have fun playing games together.

For various reasons, QGL events simply stopped a long time ago. The biggest reason was the venue was no longer available, and despite looking at many places, it was hard to find something else that was suitable. Of course, broadband Internet was finally taking off in Australia too, which meant instead of hauling gear across town, we could play from the comfort of our own home, with people from all over the country and even the world.

For better or for worse, gaming LANs became a thing of the past for many people. Several times, the QGL team had discussions about trying again but the logistical difficulties proved too great, and ultimately even though the status of the Next Event has remained Unknown for many years, the reality is that it will probably be Never.

A few years ago, the QGL team was contacted by the Queensland government, who mentioned that we had not filed any paperwork with them for some time. We had not formally closed down QGL - a registered not-for-profit association - and we still had some money in our bank account (despite the bank's best efforts with fees over the years), which they wanted more information about how it was going to be distributed.

If the organisation was defunct, the government would happily take all the money, at which point it would go to the Queensland Public Trustee. While the Public Trustee is a great organisation that does excellent work for Queenslanders, the QGL team thought it would be better if the outstanding money was donated to specific charities and organisations that we felt would make good use of them.

As a result, a few months ago, the QGL team members voted to donate the leftover money the QGL had in its bank account (a few thousand dollars) and it was distributed to the following organisations:

- Children's Hospital Foundation (the majority went here)
- Electronic Frontiers Australia
- Make-a-Wish Australia
- Australian STEM Video Game Challenge
- Cancer Council Queensland
- Checkpoint
- MS Queensland
- Digital Rights Watch

Each organisation was contacted individually and given a brief history of the QGL and an explanation into why the members chose them for donation. Several of these organisations provide services in which video gaming does or can play a significant role, and we hope the donations will be used in the spirit in which they were generated - using video games to connect people. Each organisation responded and were very thankful to receive the donations. As these donations were mostly made up from QGL attendees, all these thanks fall to everyone who came - if you ever paid an entry fee, or bought a can of soft drink or a sub or a steak burger.

The members also voted to formally wind up the association, at which point the government de-registered it.

While the entity that was the Queensland Gamers' League is no more, we hope its legacy will live on for many more decades. Many QGL attendees are still in close contact - indeed, several of the QGL organising team ended up working together for many years alongside others met through other gaming LANs around Australia, on AusGamers and other online gaming projects. We hope that you still enjoy playing games online with the friends you made at QGL events.

The QGL team would like to thank everyone who ever came to an event for making them what they were. Remembering that the reason we wanted to run events in the first place was to have more people to play games with ourselves, we definitely got what we wanted, and we hope everyone has great memories of their time at QGL events.

There are too many people to individually thank for their support over the years - regular attendees who helped with the logistics of the event, like setting up tables and chairs or helping clean up at the end of it. In particular big thanks should go to Obes, Storm, AcidReign, E.T., Ducker, Lash, aragawn (who came up from Sydney several times to help and play), cold (Melbourne, ditto). Special thanks to BillyHardball (my brother and the only person to ever get paid by QGL) for doing most of the dirty work cleaning up after events, and my friends Nae and Soph for helping out with the barbecue on several occasions.

Also big thanks to the many gamers who the team got to know well - gamers who attended so regularly, who participated in the forums, and who played for the serious competition. StreX, paveway, Boxhead, CaPt0, casa, nF, demon, Limpy, plok, Rukh, Taipan, typo, dethon, Python, Rips#, Spook, existence, HeardY, Guvna, DeePer, maxe, fpot, TicMan, and all the many others. We should also remember our QGL gaming mates who are sadly no longer with us - Mick, maverick, rockape, and no doubt others.

Thanks to the several commercial sponsors who helped out over the years. Cisco, WebCentral, Comindico, BigPond, Jolt, Quantum Electrical and Data, Computer Alliance.

And of course a final thanks to all the members of the QGL team who made these events possible. It took a lot of work from a lot of people - all volunteers - to make these events happen; every team member contributed massively to each event in order to make sure things were set up and ready to go - from organising the venue, hiring the tables and chairs, arranging sponsors, writing software for registrations and forums, configuring and setting up LAN networks, shipping expensive networking gear around the country between LANs, getting insurance, sweating hauling around heavy objects during setup and teardown, cleaning up actual garbage, storing equipment in their homes between events... It was a big list. But we did it because at the end of the day it meant we got to play games together, and with you all. It was a blast!

Thanks to the team: boba, cyph, Electoad, Jim, Khel, Mantra, Mass, Nats, ReaX, reso, Ross, Saint, Term, Tung, VRBones.

Friday, 16th June 2017
The Right Light - Techland Announces Plans to Continue Supporting Dying Light [KostaAndreadis- 01:43pm] From: AusGamers News [ 0 Comments ]
First released in 2015, Techland's Dying Light has since gotten quite a bit of support from the studio including several content drops and a proper expansion. And now it has announced plans to continue supporting the game with a '10 free DLCs in 12 months' campaign -- with a separate DLC pack focusing on new enemies coming in the next few weeks.

In the announcement Techland confirms that since its debut Dying Light has seen very little drop-off in audience, a remarkable feat for the game.

Almost three years after the original Dying Light was released, about half a million people still play the game every week. In the very first months on the market in 2015, the weekly numbers were around 700 000. This shows that our community is still huge, active, and craving for more. Not a single day passes without requests for new weapons, outfits, and quests. In the face of such enthusiasm and engagement, we cannot keep quiet. Today I’m happy to announce Techland’s continuous support for Dying Light.

Original content is already in the works and our fans can expect to face new challenging enemies, master new gameplay mechanics, solve more Harran mysteries, and even explore never-seen-before locations. This translates to ten pieces of DLC in the first twelve months of our continuous support - available free for all players, across all platforms.

Continuous support means also more updates, gameplay tweaks, and community events. As we firmly believe in active collaboration between the design team and players, we hope this announcement will encourage our fans to share their thoughts, stories, and ideas about how we can improve their experience even more.

As always we are all ears,
Paweł Marchewka,
Techland CEO

We reviewed the core version of the game back in 2015, saying that it "combines the movement of Mirror's Edge, the combat and crafting of Dead Island and Dead Rising with the open-world of both Fallout 3 and the most recent Far Cry games".

So, of course it's still popular.

Tuesday, 11th May 2004
Doom 3 E3 2004 Trailer [trog- 11:27am] From: AusGamers News [ 48 Comments ]
The E3 trailer for Doom 3 has been released! Grab it now from GameArena (AusGamers mirror will be up shortly). The trailer features some gameplay footage captured from the Xbox version of the game.

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