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QGL LAN - Info


Note: Unfortunately QGL LANs are currently suspended indefinitely. We do not know when, or if, we will be running any again in the future. Sorry!

The venue for QGL LAN is:

- ANZ Stadium (Western Stand)
- Cnr Kessels Road & Mains Road
- Nathan

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terrible engine

There is heaps of room, and toilets are in the building for easy convenience.
There is a "drop off" bay outside the hall, but to avoid getting a ticket from the onsite security, it is advisable to park somewhere else around the venue (there is plenty of free parking around).


The doors will open for players at 10AM. Any comps will be starting no later than midday.
The date for the next QGL LAN is Unknown.


The cost for this month's lan is $25.

What you need

The only requirements you will need is your computer, monitor, network card, power cables, and any drivers in case of emergency. We will supply all the network gear.


Your computer MUST have NetBEUI removed, as well as file and print sharing.
TCP/IP needs to be installed, and we will be using Static IP's. This means each player will receive an IP address at the door. Help from an admin is available on the day if needed.

PLEASE ensure that your network card is functioning correctly before the day, 450 people is a lot and we cannot guarantee being able to have the time to repair your system if it isn't functioning. However there will be hardware technicians on hand, and we may have a few network cards available for purchase.

For ease of use, we have created a full Network Setup Guide which you can follow step by step to setup your network.


While we take every precaution, your computer is ultimately your responsiblity. We can not be held accountable for the theft or damage of any of your property.

If you have any other enquires please contact the QGL (

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